Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first race for the year.....

Last December I did plan a long vacation, which didn't turn out so well because the kids gets hospitalized due to gastric viral infection (ugh!).

Prior to the holidays I had planned my first 21K- the 2010 Condura Run for the Dolphin. Then there is the Nuvali and the Superbods. My Feb race is quite squeezed....but I really have not scheduled any event for January. Well, there's nothing much that catches my attention. Though there is one particular event that I hope to join because of a good cause- but in the process of registration I got confused and it was quite inconvenient...though honestly I feel guilty because I gave up the noble cause. Anyways, maybe its not my race.
Team Patikar-3rd place relay
Little did I realized that as far back as early January my running mates actually registered me for a company sponsored fun run event. Hmmm...it wasn't big time but it was fun...it'srunning with colleagues you bump on a regular basis during office hours. So we were in for the relay event which consist of 8 runners -we were to run 5.6K on a 2.8K loop, 4 members per loop will relay. I was the last runner for the first lap-it was a 700 m run, I finished it on a snail speed of 4:01. Perhaps, I really don't know how to sprint or I don't fit into running that kind of speed.
So anyways, after my short run with the relay team I decided to join the individual category for a 2.8K run for my additional mileage.

Hmmm....gosh they were fast at the starting line- I really don't run that fast. So instead I take on a slow easy pace of 8:00 and occasionally climb to 7:30 or 7:00, then I would occasionally chat to those I know and would try to pace with them.....it wasn't a long run my finish time for 2.8K is 20 min. I was definitely slow- usually my finish time for this distance range 14-18 min.

When I was nearing finishline I was wondering if I should run another loop since I am way behind my target mileage for the week.....but then the marshalls were calling me to cross the designated finishline- I thought for the photo ops....Ooops little did I know that it was a podium finish- I was the first female finisher...hooooray! Actually I felt a little ashamed of myself because with very little effort I won. But honestly, the feeling is different. It was just amazing!

Clueless that I was the first female finisher

I feel like I was the luckiest girl for the day!


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