Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Century Tuna Superbods Run

The century superbods event is something to look forward to. The TV commercial looks great and promising...but I have mixed emotions joining the run. In fact, I was one of the late registrant....we had P100 off discount because there were no singlet for us.

Also as of last week, I was not sure if running in the 21K category is a good idea- considering two weeks back I run for the same category (condura run). What made me decide to register is that I was not expecting a PR or a good run- I was just simply thinking to do a training pace run in preparation for my first full mary...the 21K will be a good additional mileage.

I was a little surprised that the gun started 5 AM whereas the published gun start for 21k is 5:20 AM. Oh! I was so thankful that we were there at exactly 5AM (because we always have that history of getting to the starting corral just in time for the published gunstart)- otherwise, we would have missed a lot ....and might end up in the swarm of 10K runners- OMG! There were a lot of them.
I realized, this sport is something that could draw in a lot of crowd- and make all of them a star in their own right...the swarm of 10K runners were a great sight and when I approached the lawton avenue I was overwhelmed by the 5K runners from the other side of the! this is definitely big time event....almost all runners supported it.

I was so happy with my performance- there were no pains, my walk breaks were only by the time I was taking water ....then at the heritage park even hammer gels were provided. I decided not to take gatorade on the aide station because I also brought with me a bottle.
I saw some friends along the course and familiar faces in the blogscene like Sir Amado, Sir BR, some of the peeps.
I run alone- no pacer, occasionally I would say my excuses and exchange brief hellos with those I run along side in the usual my husband speed up and is nowhere in sight.

Sometimes when you least expected PRs happened- hubby's finished time is 2:04:25- he is getting better. My finished time is 2:17:36- a whooping 10 minutes improvement from my Condura run, 2 weeks ago- I can't believe that it is possible to improve by 10 minutes. Perhaps, because the elevation of skyway is a factor and the superbods race course have manageable hills.

I have no complaint over the conduct of the race- so I was a little confused when I saw Coach Rio's letter of apology in his blog.?...well a lot of things could have happen with 11,300+ runners- we will never know the combination of casualties.
But I would say that the very basic need of the runners were served like long tables with water and sports drink, good looking guys and gals manning the aide station hahaha, portalet in the race course, timing chip, accurate km marker, and orderly claiming of the loot bags (maybe it could have reduced the long lines-if there were several station for the distribution of goodies- but personally this is something I overlooked because as we all know there were 11,300 of us).

Here are some of my post run pix.

Good to see Randy- because we wouldn't have this souvenir shot.
With Coach Rio-He was so busy but managed to squeezed in photops with his fans.
Hubby, Me and Cristy- Randy's wifee
Me, Cristy and Randy- hubby taking the shots.
Cristy with Coach Rio-hubby peeks on the background hahaha
Roel- our officemate, Me and Randy


  1. Wow Joy, you did very, very well! That's a massive improvement in a matter of a week. Awesome job! Keep on training, and before you know it you'll hit that sub-60 already :) Congrats again!

  2. congratulations sa PR! like you i was surprised about the apology letter. i had a wonderful time at the race and was too happy to have completed it. :D - bards

  3. @GBM: Thx- I was surprised that 10 min improvement is possible. Perhaps the 10K sub-60 is still a quest.

    @Bards: Hello! Wow! am so honored for you to drop by in my of my favorite blogger. Congrats too-Nice banana splits huh!