Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My precious....

Three years ago I fell inlove with was like an instant medication for high FBS, Cholesterol , muscle tightness and frequent back pain etc etc.

Running has taught me a lot.

For instance I am very impatient person- running kept me grounded, and taught me to take things one at a time....slowly until my body adapts.

I also become appreciative of my strength...I didn't know that God blessed me with strong legs that will take me more distance.

I also get to know the road better by the distance my estimates of every meter becomes apparently better (even without the aide of a gps enabled watch hehehe).

I get to meet a lot of people...healthy people....enjoyin' nice place, nice race, nice long run.

I learn to understand what they say "Sport lang!" when I started joining races- you cannot push yourself too much to win a race (hmmm specially if your not one of the elite) or compare yourself to someone or try to be better with have to enjoy running that you simply won't care if you were the last finisher.

I can take my madness to running- talk to myself, talk to my God, relieve myself of anguish from the pressure of worklife.

I learned that you can add value to your time when you wake up early to do your race or your runs....I thought I'll be too tired after every run. But it made me pull in more energy so I can keep up with my growing kids.

Perhaps the runner's high, a priceless gift from running will make me forever grateful.

The unexplained happiness and fulfillment....the joy that perhaps only another runner can understand.

The list will continue....but something is definite...this relationship will continue to grow....I want more and I dream big....I want to become a marathoner. After three years, I have finally decided it should be this year that I'll be able to conquer the scary distance of 42.195km.

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