Sunday, February 28, 2010

Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan Year 11

All sundays of February was devoted to run races...hah! is that a statement to express my love for this this love month? hehehe

My husband got a chance to register us for the 10K category of "takbo para sa kalikasan" by DZMM....honestly I was surprised the registration fee is only two hundred! and you still get a singlet. Not bad!

But what actually surprise me was the announcement this morning that the event draw a crowd of 5000 participants...hmmmm (only? don't get me wrong- I was expecting more participants because of the cause and the cost) maybe a lot of runners prefer high paying reg fee? I dunno....I have only one data point to compare - a week ago, the superbods run draw a whooping 11300 runners which I guess average reg fee is five hundred pesos. Well maybe the superbods invested in the TVC- but DZMM has a wide coverage as well (where this event is broadcasted and advertised)....or maybe the history of a disappointing PIM last November took a toll....I don't have answers, but as far as I remember until this day- I haven't seen the result of the participants of PIM.

I attended this event and in my mind I wanted a better fact this is the first ever race that I am up so early- which resulted to an hour of waiting time before the gunstart =)
I joined the race because its cheap, its near our place, and above all the cause is close to my heart....environment, clean up of Ilog Pasig.
The conduct of the race was orderly- there were water station, enough marshalls and above all it started on time. I have no complaint! It brings me a realization that 200 pesos worth of registration fee is still possible in this booming running community. Specially if there were lots of sponsors.

But on a personal level, I can't help but be disappointed with my performance. I finished at 1:03. Sigh! I thought am gonna make a sub-60. I guess it was all my fault...I started out so fast at the first km I average 5:45 and speeding until km 2.5 but slowed down at km 3 when I had a chance to chat with Sir Amado....he was a good runner, he left me just before the flyover....I took my gatorade and alas! my bad habit of taking walk breaks even if its not necessary is back like a grim shadow of the past (hehehe) was just sudden no reasons, no pain, nothing it was like my legs just wanted a walk...not a brisk walk but a walk in the park. Hmph!
Well all through my run I was also trying to figure out also- where is Piolo? I thought he will run the 10K course??? but is nowhere in sight. Impossible! I could have seen him back (just like the timex run)....or did Papa P had a cold feet- because of the sub-Piolo rush? hmmm hahahaha but honestly I didn't see those who said they will run 10K like Papa P, Jake and Maricar....or did they instead run 5 or 3K???? I didn't know what happened- but this adds up to my disappointment nyahahahaha. Seeing them could have spur the spirit hahaha
The good senator Pia- always draw an inspiration....she is an epitome of a real female runner, standing tall and pretty in pink, I am hats off to her performance she consistently run a sub 6 mpk....I think she did a negative split....on our way back I tried joining her entourage but then it tires me off...another walk breaks for me. It was fun! At km 8- I started to cast a serious doubt about my running the half marathon or even trying full marathon...I suddenly feel like a real newbie, first time on a race....I don't know why I had that feeling-is it because I glanced at manila bay and it reminded me of the first news of the day about Philippines at alert level 1 for Tsunami (due to the recent earthquake that happened in Chile)???...OMG! I didn't know news like this would affect my running. At km 9- I decided to pick up myself....including my posture...I want to do at least better than 1:09, my record in this roxas blvd race course (way back last year in Milo ha!) I near the finish line and checking on my least I did 1:03- but didn't beat my personal was a good consolation.

As for my husband- he was one of those trying to covet that sub Piolo....but unfortunately he didn't check the clock so he has no idea- but he told me of his strong vibes hahaha. We didn't stay long- we didn't have photos. We saw one of his officemates- and thats all we have one group pix.

So long! See yah on the upcoming race.

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