Thursday, November 5, 2009

Running Blog #55: And finally 500K....

After being inspired by the 1000KM club of the baldrunner last December 08- I started monitoring my mileage....then I discovered ticker factory at I logged my run on the ticker factory and finally it took me more than ten months to hit a mileage of 500 Km.
On the average this is equivalent only to 10-12 km per week total runs.
But of course in reality there were many weeks that I have not run.

My minimum distance run in a week is 5 Km and the longest distance or mileage I had in a week is 35Km. The range is quite big- it depends upon my motivation =)

It felt good that finally I got numbers to think about - if this is work, this will serve as a very good baseline data to help improve my metrics.

But then this is metric is simple to run and always run....and the mileage will follow. Besides, I find it as a recreational activity rather than competitive.

I hope to complete the next 500K at a better time may be eight months hehehe.
With so many race event on the list-I am certainly on board to hold a better finish time on my next 500K mileage...and maybe its time to follow smartcoach training plan or maybe attend a running clinic (i wish i wish) =)


  1. Congratulations on the 500k! Yehey! 500 more? :P

  2. Hi GBM- Thx for dropping by. Yes definitely it would we 500K more hehehe.

  3. ok yung smartcoach! u have to try it. kelangan nga lang ganado/dedicated lagi to follow the sked. good luck on your next 500! :)

  4. Hi daytripper1021- thanks for visiting my blog. Yah i'll try to follow the smartcoach kc ang training runs ko ay very recreational- takbo lang ng takbo hehehe. I'll be more technical siguro this time kc am eyeing a half marathon soon. =)
    See u on upcoming races!