Friday, November 27, 2009

My christmas wish

I am a little sluggish today....I feel tired during this morning run at the island cove.

I made a mistake of taking a run in an empty stomach....I thought too much food yesterday would be OK to burn and not adding small amount of food before run (thinking about reserve energy =))- but I was wrong. At km 6, I felt like collapsing- good thing my husband passed by and he got me gatorade and granola bar. Afterwards, I managed to complete my 11K run as planned....but I ended up really sluggish and thirsty all day. Plus, I have this constant nagging pain in my right big toe hrrrr.

This afternoon, after two long years of an expired passport- finally I got myself time for a renewal...I was not in the mood - I feel so thirsty all throughout the course. After the appearance in DFA we headed to RUNNR- I was excited to get myself a tights- yes! the CWX stabilyx....actually I am planning to use this not only for running but for climb as well. To my surprise- they ran out of stocks for my size....waaaah! I was planning to wear it for the Corregidor 10 mile challenge-but it looks like it wont be there. Instead I got my son a running shirt that is to compensate for the gas bwehehehe.

So while waiting for my alarms for the pills and other vitmamins- I decided to hop on the blogsphere.....and what did I found in thebullrunner? LOL! The secondwind christmas registry. Wow! It was a very nice idea- but then I wonder who could be my santa?!? My generous sister is still out of the country and will be home until next year (maybe she'll bring me home some?); My friends- oh! I have barely rich friends and I doubt if they'll even bother hahaha; My husband- I really hate to ask him, but I hope he get to read this (sigh! but he rarely visits).

In between my thoughts- imagining my wonderful gifts, I am also searching about this pain in my big toe.....this link explains it's....Turf Toe. I started having a slight discomfort in my right big toe when I was trying to switch to forefoot strike. Then lately when I started training back with my Mizuno the discomfort became pronounced- I wanted to give Mizuno wave precision a decent before it finally put to storage- I want to beat it with training and Corregidor....but now I realized- it is now one year old.....hhmmmm I guess I am back to my wish list.

So here are my wish just networks with my needs -running and non-running related and maybe I can update later:

  1. A new running shoes - to replace good ol' buddy wave precision.
  2. A stabilyx- that will take me longer and higher (ehem...means more mountain ranges in the coming year).
  3. A maipo- climb I can play more with river trek.
  4. A new backpack hmmmm
  5. A mini would be nice at least lenovo.
  6. A colorful running shorts that comes in yellow, orange, red, pink etc etc
  7. A colorful running shirt that matches with wish list #6.
  8. A nice abs - a waistline of 25 in would do (whahahaha- this comes with a hard workout! because am not gonna give up my 2 cups of rice)
  9. A long distance run...a real one during December (wahahaha despite the party fever every friday!)
  10. A nice beach party in December! Maybe...Anawangin- I shall return? Or Atulayan an overnight adventure?
  11. A bull market in December so I can spend every winnings in item 1-10!
  12. An ill-free and injury-free holiday for my family and the rest of the running community!

What a nice thoughts to cap off the day!
Good night!

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