Monday, November 9, 2009

Running Blog #56: Philippine International Marathon

I learned about the November 8 race way back October- I just thought that it was just another fun run to raise fund for the Pasig River. I have no idea about the race, who is gonna sponsor etc....on a day to day basis I get updates from TV courtesy of shuttle bus, forwarded emails and eventually it was out in a blog with a lot more specific.

I seriously considered joining PIM:Pasig River after KOTR.
I registered together with the previously owned (or still partly owned) Lopez company, so I didn't went through the horrors of the registration and race kit claiming that I have read through various blog. But I suspect that the person who handle the claiming of our race packets experience the same.

During the race day- as usual we woke up fact I thought it was another DNS hahaha.
But waking up at 4:30 and coming from Bacoor is a little advantage. So for this race I only had a banana and few sips of gatorade then we drove off to Roxas Blvd- we parked about 10m away from the starting line and the emcee is already calling all 10K runners. So we went straight to the starting line without our numbers hmmmm like bandit? Yap, because we have not get our race packet from the nice guy who claimed it for us- so we waited just near the check in. Luckily 10 minutes before gunstart our race bib arrived- I decided to wear the singlet on top of my running shirt....even if its too hot. Hmmm no choice I don't want something in my hand while running.

My race plan is to just run and enjoy the idea that this run is for the clean up drive of Pasig River. There were lots of personalities I saw at the starting line- from various industries and well people watching is a little exciting.

This race was a feel good run....occasionaly I would chase my husband when he is out of sight hehehe this is my trick to figure out if I can run faster hehehe (promise no other reason am not a jealous type he can enjoy watching running babes nyahahaha) when I least expected a performance level, I didn't realize am gonna bring out my best foot forward -yes because that day I did a PR- a difference of less than 3 minutes against my previous performance. Somehow maybe just maybe I indeed experienced the second wind or chasing hubby is a good technique.


  1. Haha pareho pala technique natin kaso wala akong hubby na hahabulin kaya pumipili na lang ako at random (young hunk or a sexy female runner). Sarap ng feeling pagkalampas haha...

  2. Hi Nora- yah ok talaga ata yung technique na yun. You got to test yourself if you can accelerate further.
    Happy Running!