Sunday, November 29, 2009


Patience is a virtue....and I do not have.

I characterize myself as a very impatient person. Well, though impatient I am not the type who would have tantrums or misdemeanor during an "impatient" stage, I would always try to deviate my attention so I won't focus on time and distance (not necessarily running related).

Since I become a mother- I have made a decision to try patience a chance in my databank of virtue.
During my practice run- I have developed small amount of patience as I patiently wait for my second wind to kick in. I have developed my patience to endure some pains to get through distance- even thirst, I have patiently look forward for water station so I can have some water to sip in.

Today- I was surprised that I'll have another Pateince 101.

The much awaited New Balance Power Run was held this morning....I knew patience is what I need to endure the pains of my right big toe- according to google I am having Turf Toe- sigh!
Also, I decided not to wear the very revealing NB singlet-I didn't had the chance to have it repaired. The thought of a PR is not even in my mind- because since Friday- I had a hard time breathing during practice run. In fact, I can feel that not enough oxygen gets to my lungs and to my heart. Yesterday, we went to Tagaytay- to help me breath a fresher air- but it did not help I decided that I will run and stop when difficulty in breathing is felt...and this is my overall strategy.

We were early this time- so hubby and I had a chance to do a 500 m slow jog warm up before getting to starting line.

My first 3K was devastating- I was gasping for air, but I can feel in my arms that its windy. I was wondering why I am not even perspiring....and was wonderin why there is not a sufficient air for me. Stopping at the first water station was a bad idea- so on my next stop back to the same station after I had my u-turn I grab more water and had it pour on my head. I continued a slow run then stopped in between because I felt like I am fact at Km 6 or somewhere along 5th ave before I crossed Lawton I knew one of the runners noticed my plight- he asked me if I was fine...I said yes- my pride just won't let an ambulance take me back to the finishline and be forever labeled DNF in this race....maybe not today...maybe there is a more serious reason for DNF- but not today. So I decided to take on the uphill with my baby steps and for the rest of it...I didn't care if there is air or not in my lungs I only care to run and occasionally my body would ask me to stop and wait for some air to kick fact I managed to have some fun at that short distance in Mc Kinley hill where I tried taking my baby steps further after the u-turn....but had to stop on the final ascent on my way back to the finish line- when I'm feeling OK I would run again.....Luckily at Km 9- a sudden push kicks in-if that is the second wind- well thank goodness as it never wane....gotta believe it I still managed to finish a decent time of 1:02:02 breaking my previous record - unfortunately, according to garmin it is a little short of 500 m, garmin registered only a 9.52K distance...good thing we did a 500 m warm up so I am still able to complete my required training of 10K.
While in the line grabbing my medal, banana, water and sports drink- I realized had I not stopped on the course I probably made it to sub 60.

I feel tired and didn't bother to look around- I don't even know if there is a finisher certificate- I got a medal anyway. My mind was actually racing to another possibility- a relaxing visit to my favorite beach destination- Anawangin Zambales.
So hubby and I hopped on the car- leave the parking lot immediately....then about 200 m away from the parking lot he has to stop.

Tarannnnn! The clutch wont get through.....I am afraid of the implication- I don't know how to handle or manage a car....I am even a poor driver. Hubby checked on the hood and some fluid- when he got back he told me "Be PATIENT! We will run at a very low speed or on first gear and have no provision to stop because if I put on a break the engine will die and restarting is difficult."
I have no choice....actually I have hehehe he kiddingly told me that I can commute, call a taxi cab and go home or run along side the car and have an LSD wahahaha- this is tempting, but my right big toe is a little swollen.

So the longest ride from the fort to our house happened today- we totaled one hour and thirty minutes- as if we are on a heavily traffic jam situation.

So I have another dose of my lessons in we traverse the road, we still come across some 21K runners as we cross the 5th avenue towards Mc Kinley Road to EDSA- one guy was really angry because we wont stop even if we were running low....before the intersection I was already shouting at the marshall that we can't stop....but one of the 21K runner was furios- I can only symphatize with him, and as runners we were also ashamed of what happened- but our car condition is really something that we were still trying to learn as it was our first 1K after hubby tried on the first gear trick (which he tried to get through while the engine is dead- starting the engine at first gear is really very difficult and it requires certain foot dexterity to kick the car running).

The ride was full of silence- I was praying that none of the MMDA officer stop us or offered to have the car towed because somehow we are affecting the traffic....we ride it on full hazard signal and occasionally we would do hand signal among the fellow motorists.
I was saying my prayer- I can't leave my husband in that sticky situation, I still probably can help him in any way possible.
I was observing my husband while we are on our first gear journey wehehehe....I can't help but admire his coolness. He was cool about it- he was focused and God! he can even throw some joke...while I am just a passenger and yet I am silently mind is racing on all possibilities that might happen if suddenly he needs to put on the break or if an MMDA official stopped us and give us some violation- I am not even aware if low speed vehicles in an express way is a violation -sigh! my breathing is really very irregular....I can sense that I could have a heart attack anytime.

But everytime I look at my husband- I can see him very serene and just focused on the road. He can even engaged in a conversation with me post race topic (like he's next goal is gonna be sub-50), as if nothing is wrong.....waaaaah! why????? If I am the driver, I probably would park the vehicle on the side- wait for a towing company and call a cab to go home then arrange a mechanic to work on it.
There were several occasion that we have to stop- and luckily the engine didn't die- and then he was ecstatic when the gear gets through the 2nd gear.
At times that he stopped and the engine died- he will calmly restart the car as if...everything is normal.
Sigh! I was in totally awe on how he keeps his cool....I wish God showered me the same kind of coolness and patience.
Then I was thinking- even at a very slow speed we did it...we were home safe. This gives me a little glimpse of what half marathon would be like maybe even corregidor.

Hmmmm....our anawangin escapade will not happen as the car have to be repaired by tomorrow...and today maybe I'll just iced my swollen toe.

P.S. No photos- my photograper is on the run, which I bet he probably registered sub 60! Wohooo!


  1. Congratulations on your new PR Joy :P As you can see, patience is a handy virtue to carry around this time of the year :P

  2. Thanks Luis! Yes I agree and I try to remind myself every day. And I do hope someday I become as natural as my mentor. :P