Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Blog #49: Looney Tunes Active Run with the family

Running is one of the best influence I had with hubby.

On my birthday few months back- I wished that this influence will be extended to my children.

We occasionally run together in island cove and MOA with the kids- but they never run a when we heard i mean read about looney tunes fun run (of course courtesy of the bull runner) we immediately signed up.

We have to prep the kids, we have to wake up early, they have to run 3K which we haven't tried in any of our practice run....then our action plan on what to do if they utter the word "Ayoko na!" (Surrender! nyahahahaha).
My husband and I agreed that they should finish the race on foot- not that we can't carry them hehehe (I think I can managed- my technical bag sometimes really weight a lot during I guess I should be able to carry anyone of them).

Come race day.....

Sometimes planning helps but execution is more important.
Sigh! We woke up late!And yet......we arrive MOA like 10 minutes before the gun start.
Great for a pre race photo ops.
L-R: Benet (ofcmate), Ash(her daughter), TJ, Me & Matti

Matti & Daddy

My daughter is surprisingly game (d sya nag inarte hahaha).

At gun start she was excited to run.....yeah she run like she's gonna get a medal.

My son on the other hand (who is consistently game and sporty) was a little grumpy....he wanted to walk and wont run hahaha.

TJ and I paced while Matti and Daddy took a long walk.

TJ is very competitive -she positively respond to my chant "go! TJ go! Tj go!"

She would occasionaly ask for water and had her walk breaks and then soon....Daddy and Matti is out of sight.

After 2 kms the dreaded.....

TJ: Mommy Ayoko na!

Mommy: Are you sure? If I carry you to the finishline- you have no certificate and finisher shirt. (sad face).
TJ: Hmmmmm (facial expression: bad idea).
Mommy: So lika na- karga na kita!

TJ: Lets walk na lang muna ha. Sakit na paa ko eh!

Mommy: OK!

So we continue to walk and would jog in between to break the boredom waaaaah! the longest 1 km of my life.

Last 500 m- TJ spotted Daddy & Matti ~250 m away from us.
TJ asked me to wait for them (sweet!)

Then, TJ told me "Mom! I missed them." - then before I could even respond she ran back and meet Matti with wide arms (cheesy! sigh We didn't caught this on cam).

So after the kiss! The two looked like they haven't seen each other for age (hahaha)

Matti came to me then told me that we run fast....and he did.

Wise little boy! In the end our finish time record showed he finished first then me, then Daddy and TJ came last.

Boy! I didn't told them about the numbers (as this might be a constant cause of discord!)....but TJ believed she raced good and she was ahead of Matti =P

I thank God for this moment....because one of my birthday wish was granted....there is really a good timing for everything.


  1. In less than 3 months after your (our) birthday, your wish was already granted! Your children are admirable--finishing a 3K race at a very young age, without any qualms. How old are TJ and Matti?

    Umpisa na yan. Hope to see you and your family in future races.

  2. Hi Nora,
    Thx for dropping by. Yah! God is good He really grants our hearts desire....I pray that whatever you wish during our birthday will come true.

    Tj is 5 yrs old and Matti is 4.

    I really do hope that running becomes their lifestyle too so I wont have "guilt" feeling with joining races.