Sunday, August 23, 2009

A peek on the Iron Man 70.3

I had to come home to CamSur last thursday night to visit my mom.
It was great that she was ok when I arrived home.

Come sunday, I had the opportunity to watch a few stint of IronMan 70.3.

I was already at CWC when it gunstarted for the leg1- which is the swimming event.

I was fortunate to see the great athletes did their was a whole new experience, it was far different from the swimming event you watch on olympic pools-where each athlete gets their respective lane, I was like seeing a marathon in the water.

The bike park was was a display of expensive and most advance bike in the field- I can't imagine how much all these bike costs....I'm sure its millions =)

When the first athlete gets out of water to run on another lake for the last leg of their swim- I got a chance to see Coach Rio who is gonna race for the relay under his timex runrio team. We had a short chit chat as he doesn't know me personally but of course I know him because most of the races I joined was organized by his company.

After an hour of roaming around the heat without bottled drinking water, I decided to leave- I was a little sad because I didn't catch a glimpse to my favorite athletes like Sen Pia Cayteano, Leica Carpo, Carina Dayondon (everest summitter) and the rest of the Filipino elites. But I know in my heart that these elites will do their best for the country.

On our way to the parking lot- I have been photographing those ahead of the pack and is already on their bike. Then I get tired because the subject were very not a very good photograper. Alas! in a blink of an eye.....the athletic senator passed me huhuhu didn't get a chance to steal a photo shot.

Anyways, being an spectator in the Iron Man 70.3 is a great experience. But I guess not only for me but for the province of CamSur. The good governor did great job in developing our province as a hub for extreme sport- I am not sure of the data yet but according to some hearsay- our provice got the highest tourist visitor for the fiscal year.

No doubt about that- CWC, Caramoan and all other great places to drop by in the beautiful Bicolandia is a surely adventure packed.

When I got home in Cavite I decided to check on the stats and official time. Wow! Congratulations to Team Timex-RunRio for bringing home the 1st place in the team category, the good senator for being the 149th finisher and 2nd in her age category, Carina Dayondon 143rd finisher and 5th in her age category, Leica Carpo- 6th in her age category and the rest of the Filipino elite, you may check on the results by clicking here. Bozzone and Bentley topped the triathlon event.

My only pix during the ironman 70.3 nah! and its overexposed waaaah!

Behind me were the great athletes doin their swim leg (of course they were not even visible bwahahaha! below is the closest I can get)

The bike park

This is the closest I get (so the shoes and their essentials were placed next to their bike :-) )


  1. Never been to Camsur. Baka gusto mong mang imbita hehe . . .

    Swerte mo naman napanood mo first hand ang ironman!

  2. Hi Nora,
    Thanks for droppin' by - kahit d ko na update blog.
    CamSur is the very accessible you can come anytime.
    Hahaha -sure pwede akong tour guide.

    Nagkataon lang un na pag uwi ko IronMan pala- pro grabeh ang init, after an hour we leave napaka humid ng araw na yun- I can imagine the pain of running at that weather.

    Pro bilib talaga ako sa mga finisher- saludo ako sa kanilang lahat. Lalo akong na inspired sa kanila.