Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Running Blog #51: 405Km and counting slow......

This afternoon is really different from my previous training or as I call it practice run.
I started out with two of my colleague and then they speed up, I cope up, eventually I was alone and managed to conquer 5K at a decent time of 35mins.

I have been slowing down in terms speed and mileage when the calendar jolted a lot of rainy days....most of the runner/blogger I have been visiting or stalking (hehehe) have been running regularly despite heavy rains (or even with injury). I have very few memories of running in the rain...its fun but I always think twice during weekends....like the LSD with Takbo.ph where eventually I lost to cold feet the opportunity to run the LSD and meet the nice people of this group.

Todays run is particularly different....I have to relinquish all the stress of my daily routines....I was working round a clock over the weekend after our home was flooded (I mean the clean up). Yes I have my share of story but I was humbled by what I see everyday in the news....I can't imagine metro manila will suffer this bad. I used to live in the typhoon capital Bicol region....we were used by this flood....I have grown up knowing that preparation is really the key to succeed the angst of nature and live tomorrow like the typhoon was just a thing to conquer by waried soul.

While running alone the hilly part of GBP.....I try to attacked the hills like I haven't seen my friend for the longest period of time...that is how I feel about running. Last Saturday I woke up early morn with the hope to run but the heavy rain stopped me...I just couldn't leave the door.

I have mixed emotion today, the tragic events- life in general and how much running influence much of my everyday lessons.....as I run today, I have listed several important lessons from this tragedy:
  1. The wrath of nature must be acknowledge- its there already, something that we have to live up because the influential personalities have not done their part.
  2. The wrath of nature will not subside any soon as most of us are irresponsible citizens who can never take responsibility even with their own garbage.
  3. That whatever you throw will come back at greater scale.
  4. That being prepared will help us survive upcoming probable chaos (this is scary I am being negative - I really feel like doin an FMEA hehehe).
  5. That gaining life skill would be a key to survive. Like learning how to swim, rock or wall climbing or rapelling, or having BMC(?)
  6. That being physically fit will help propel needed energy or strength in times of extreme condition.
  7. That running regularly will help realize item #6 (still related?)

The other day- I was even telling my husband maybe we should do some drills, so we can assess how well we can respond in this type of emergency situation. Hahaha he gave a laugh. But I was serious- just like in any ship or any company who perform emergency drills to ensure that lives are spared.

Yes it sounds absurd- but if it works for institution maybe it could also in the basic unit of our community- the family. This is how the paranoid OC thinks while running (my apology).

Sigh! Good night may God and His legions of Angels always watch over our brothers and sisters in peril and those who continue to serve and faithful to Him.

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