Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Running Blog #47: Run for Cory

Last night I saw the Bull Runner's call to run for Cory, it was an invitation in behalf of the iamninoy steering committee.
I heed the call to run for Cory but not in Alabang.
Yes, my husband and I with our friend Pearl ran along the island cove in our yellow shirt, of course I wore my iamninoy shirt.

For several days ...I try to ignore the feelings.... I couldn't watch TV because I don't want to breakdown in tears.....but what can I do the whole nation is sad and crying for we have lost a gem. We lost someone who sparked the spirit of patriotism. We lost an icon.
So this morning after our 1 km run for some reason the rain poured....then I allowed myself to cry.

I have no close encounter with the former president...the best memory I had with her is during the 1986 EDSA revolution- at that time...I know that the demonstrations were genuine...were never staged...people come because they believed. Unlike today, I don't know what become of our country.
As I run this morning...I realized that maybe asking what has become of our country is a lame excuse. I realized that to make it better it must start from within. And the greatest lesson I had from her is that we are special, we can make a difference in our simple contributions. Our country never runs out of great people, of great potentials, we may have differences in political opinions at the end of the day we all intend to make things better because we owe it to God and our forefathers...maybe this is the reason why Ninoy once said "The Filipino people is worth dying for."

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