Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello 2011

This write up is a little too late for welcoming 2011.
But then, it has stayed in my draft for so long.
We have been very busy since the nanny ran almost cost me to losing a job, etc.....
The good  news is I found a new one....a better one and as usual were starting a relationship ....i just hope she stayed with us because the kids liked her and that is so important.
Whew! God has it's way to give you pleasant surprises....and that is how I try to look what is in store for me this 2011.

2010 looks like a wonderful running year.
This is the year I celebrated my 3rd year in running.
I am so proud I did a couple of marathon, several half marathon, some 10k, 5k and 3K.
I finished my first 1000 km after more than a year of trying.
And yet I feel guilty...because I know I logged a little less compared on my first year in running.
I missed those days when I just laced up and nonstop, run fast and careless about the time.
I guess when were getting old....time is the most precious resource that we have.
Well, I guess I'm jaded and growing old.

To summarize the learnings I had:
  1. Quality over quantity. I know that long distance run and piling mileage helps on the endurance of any runner....but then my 2010 runs prove otherwise. I ran at lesser mileage yet I managed to run a marathon. I guess the key is the quality of my training runs.
  2. Running just like learning is a continuous process. Not because I ran a marathon makes me a guru or a better runner to the other gals or guys....I have to train further and get to know myself better. It is through training run that you will get to know yourself better....quantity over quality.....make every training run a session to learn something- about your body, about your needs, the clothes you wear and your responses to weather.And it requires training to become a competent coach or a resource person (on the subject matter).
  3. Running is such a selfish sport....if you run fast  and then failed to train in two cannot replicate your previous performance. You have to continuously train aerobically or anaerobically to keep fit. I noticed, I always put that as a note on my dailymile. However, we cannot deny that there is a different kind of vigor when you resumed training after days of rest. 
  4. Our human body is very can adopt to a certain level of stresses. The key is to introduce it progressively.
  5. I read it several times that the bladder shutdowns when you start running. But it's not true for everyone.....perhaps specially for women with children. Sigh! my QCIM result could have been better if I give in to my urged :D At least, now I know what it's chances are I'll never wait on that next station.
  6. Trying on men shoes because your size is not available on the women's is such a bad idea. I remember I wanted an Adizero tempo but the largest size for women is 9 (I am typically size 10 for running shoes). The sales guys lured me to get men's size 8 (which according to him is equivalent to women's size 10)....I regret it the whole year....I  gave it a chance but is always a disaster. Lesson learned:Never let the sales guys sweet talk you that there is no difference. Well, there I know that women have narrower heel than men.
  7. My shoe size is 10....I tried 9.5 because I love the color of that shoes. I actually survived it with dead toenails :D Lesson, stick on size 10.
  8. In running, men and women becomes does not necessarily mean that the last finisher always comes from our gender :D
  9. There are fewer jerks in the running community :D we are such a happy group of people....perhaps because of runner's high.
  10. Running is the best way to combat stress....yeah, there were days that we are mocked. Hmmm but heres what goes to my mind when I catch them....those who mocked at me intakes a lot of gas in their belly such a fart idea hehehe.
Moving forward.... here are some of my 2011 outlook:
  1. Practice a little about barefoot running....assess what it's like. Besides our ancestors ran barefoot during their time....why should I shy away from this?
  2. Buy only what is essential. I admit I was disappointed with my GF405 and I do not intend to replace it with any other GPS watch (or as I call it disposable watch). Instead, I am now looking for a solar watch that could record my run time. The GF405 was expensive for a 17 months usage....not to mention the effects to environment. Our gadget should be durable enough to prevent waste. There is just too much garbage in this world....and adding our throw away gadget won't help....someday it would be very difficult to run if our world is too polluted.
  3. I am still perplexed with my blood chemistry. Anyways, despite disappointing results I will continue my choice of diet- complex carbo, high fiber, lean and white meat for protein. To explain a little my total cholesterol is elevated sigh! and to think my weight is 118 lbs.
  4. See a up with an endocrinologists to find answer on the perplexing blood chemistry.
  5. Embrace ageing....I am turning 34 this June....feeling oldie because the kids are growing so fast. But getting stronger like a teenager. Yes, I want to cope up with my kids hyperactivity :D
I was surprised to see this in my inbox today.....see I ran less managed to finish a marathon. I'm sure a lot of you can do better.


  1. Hi Ms. Joy, long time no see. Well for the post, better late than never, like all my other posts which have remained in my drafts for more than a year now, hehehe.
    Thanks for the insight about GF watches, I'm actually planning to buy one but when I got to see some GPS-powered Running Apps for Apple phones, I think I'll just save some cents for a good that instead.

    Hope to run with you again soon :)

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