Sunday, December 27, 2009

Running Blog #58: My first 21K an LSD

One of my wishlist for this season is to be able to do a long distance run.
Obviously a lot of us have difficulty squeezing a run session in the hectic demands of the christmas even if I am keeping my finger cross at the back of mind the conquer corregidor event will be my last run or my last long distance run.
Then allergic pharyngitis hit me just like any other virus would weaken its victim.
After the fun and challenge of Corregidor my weekly mileage wane to an average of 6Km or once a week training =(

Yesterday we went to Panicuason hotspring for an R&R and we discovered that the ascent to Panicuason from San Felipe is fairly simple, easy and perhaps we can do an last night we set it a date- LSD in Naga City =)

So this morning we head off at 5:30 AM- it was close to cancellation because I have barely sleep with my nonstop coughing....I am so disturbed by this allergic pharyngitis I feel like am asthmatic.
We did a 10.5K ascent and then go back another 10.5, we started from Bgy San Felipe Zone 6 and headed off to Km 451...I am not sure if it is Panicuason already (I can't wait to download my garmin)- I nearly kissed the kilometer marker as it was so difficult running in a continuous ascent- at km 8 I almost fell to my knees....then at km 10.5 my mantra is...."think positive wag kang aayaw!" yah...good thing I was running with my husband, he keeps me sane and keeps on motivating me to continue and complete the 21K would do us good and help find justice in completing my first race for half marathon come February- run for the dolphins.

So on our way back we had pitstop for water. I was wondering why the cough reflex is often turned off while running-maybe next time I'll ask the good doctor how is that possible.
Then at km 18, my husband got hungry - that he bought himself kropek and some more water. Isn't it crazy....I bet the hungry feeling during corregidor race was is not side stitch nor hallucination or sort of craving it was pure hunger. I was lucky this morning I was wearing a compression tights my abs even compressed that makes me think that hunger doesn't even come close to my imagination =)
Before we run I only had half banana and some water- the weather is cold so the first 5K was like a walk in the park.....the feeling is too different at km 19 to 21....exhaustion, the sun gets under my skin.

My run today introduce me to the beast of long distance run....I guess they were right as you increase your distance the game is more mental than it is physical. The physical preparedness is given but the mental ability to keep on going and beating the time is different.
I know in 2010 I will be running more distance....I will be more fit but should be more mentally prepared.

Today, I didn't hit the S40's time during the run for whale shark- my magic number should be 2:45 instead I finish roughly 2:49:53....I need to train better. Hello 2010....maybe I am in for more surprise I have 42K left to complete my 700K journey.


  1. Congrats on your first 21k! Hoping you may have more long runs and injury-free running ahead.

  2. Hi Sir, thx for dropping by. Btw, I saw your interview at runnerspeak last conquer corregidor. Yes I look forward to more long distance races. Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Joy! It is great you are keeping in shape. I think you are much more into running than I am. I don't run consistently and don't often run races. You are right when you said that it is more 'mental' than physical when you do distance running. When I did my 21K I never stopped running (till the 18th kilometer, that is!)and told myself I would never walk but after 18K, I felt exhausted and my mind gave up so I walked for a bit. Also, when you feel hungry, i guess it means you need more fuel.:-D I'm sure you will do well on your next race!

  4. Hi Cecilia- you found my blog! Thanks for visiting. Yah am excited it's 5 days to go before my first half marathon. I don't know if I can run nonstop till the 18th km- I doubt hahahar....the longest nonstop running I did is 12km. Well, walk breaks is something I cannot give up during race.

    Happy Running!