Tuesday, December 15, 2009


December is the busiest time of the year....and getting a vacation is uhmmmm blessing.
Yes- for me my one week sick leave is a blessing in disguise. Really? Somehow, because finally I find again time to visit the blogsphere, facebook and other internet friendly sites....get to read again the book I was itching to finish and help make review materials for the kids.

But the sore eyes and sore throat combo is making me freak- of course I don't want my kids gettin the virus- so in the end I am in total isolation and Alcohol and Handsanitizer were my best bud.

The good news is my running doctor (ENT) advised me that I can still run. Well, I even discovered that neck up minor illnesses usually are OKd to run hmmm with exceptions maybe of dental extraction or migraine attacks.
But honestly since my doctor allowed me to run....I haven't done my drills.....ehem ehem because I had hard time sleeping with the bothersome pharyngitis grrrr!....

Tomorrow, I will try again and see if I can manage an easy run. Otherwise, I have to make up with the lost time or suffer on the d day.

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