Friday, April 17, 2009

Running Blog #25: Running......

Yes....I was thinking like I am moonlighting- a wordplay referring to night time doing nothing.
But I gazed outside is there indeed a moon....hahaha nah! nada! of course the full moon ended after the holyweek.....jeez wordplay.

Today is Friday......crossing Saturday night to almost dawn.....yah I just can't sleep because of mixed emotion....tired mind....nosebleed hehehe Yah I've been nosebleeding in the financial hurdle of creating a financial report....gew!

Ok Thursday, so it is still proper to say that was actually yesterday...Whatever! It was a good run. I missed running. Well, after not being able to run after 2 weeks....I felt like I could run more but got lost track of time.

Blimey, my run was fun and easy.
But then again....I lost track of resetting garmin. In effect, the watch didn't measure my run. Only the totals did register.....Hmmmph!

Running and analyzing a situation and being able to learn from it was a comic experience.
Specially if your running with two middle age guys trying to be hippie nyahahahaha peace guys! And admitting "IT" is somehow their weakness.

But then the run was capped off by a sad running circle is shrinking. Sigh! though good news for the S40 guy, he is set to leave the country by June. Hmmmm, first it was Kathy, then Carmel, now S40??? I never thought he is ever gonna leave. But then, life goes on just like running....keep on running! And I guess I'll be happy for him venturing in this hmmmm adventure at 40.

Uhhhhh....I'm a little quirky! My mind is travelling from somewhere.....Ugh! Why is that monster coming back in my daytime dreams. Grrr! I felt like a loser.

Maybe, this what happens when you run less mileage.

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