Sunday, November 23, 2008

Running blog #3: 112308 Unicef's walk on the child's side

I woke up late for this morning UNICEF's Fun Run (I was suppose to wake up 3:50 AM but heard the alarm at 4:15). I had a quick breakfast- a huge slice of papaya, 2 wheat bread and warm water. We leave home by 4:50 AM just in time to pick up Eric & Red, friends from Adtrek (our mountaineering club).

The fun run was held at the McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. We were at the Fort around 5:35 AM....but because the Cavitenos aren't so familiar with the area- we were like finding our way to the starting line for more than 15 minutes....we were lost. Thanks to the guards roaming around the Fort for direction....we found our way.

The race dubbed as "Walk on the child's side" gun started at 6:00 AM, the 10K started first then after 5 minutes the 5K followed. My bib number is 1162. I lost track of my friends because I went into bladder break 5 minutes before the 5K run, the portalet is not enough as n oted on the long lines of runners taking turns for the much needed when I was back, the gun is ready to fire. I didn't see the rest of the Adtrekkers.

Because of the number of participants the 5K route was reversed...the McKinley hill run was a great reminded me of the JAE-Metrolab-PEZA phase of my regular practice run in GBP. There were plenty of water on the pitstop :-) - I didn't know a soul in the packed that I was all I have to do is really run as much as I could. I had to do brisk walk during really steep uphill in the upper mckinley.

Running for a cause is a great dose for my soul...while running, my mind races back home to my children. I know they are bit privilege than the children that is being aided by Unicef. We left the kids asleep....and as I run to the finish line, I can imagine they probably are awake by that time....I finished by 30 minutes and probably 30 seconds am not sure with the (seconds)....average pace of 06:06 or more.

At the finish line, I was just so thirsty that I just grabbed bottled water and the RUSH sport drink...thanks to the organizer-they have this kind of stuff to quench our thirst.

As I looked around and I noticed there were lots of kids and there's this huge jumpin station (inflatables) around. I regretted not having my children in this event. I didn't know that at 7 AM- there is a walkathon where you can walk or run with your kids (I didn't check this details, I thought the title is not literal. I thought it's some kind of a liner about the Unicef's advocacy....maybe next time I should ask.).

On our way to the parking lot we saw Karylle (Zsa zsa Padilla's daughter) and Coach Rio. By the way, Coach Rio is the race director of this event.

On my way to the finish line.

Me, Coach Rio, Eric and Red (from Adtrek)

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