Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running blog #2: 111908 Practice Run

It's been two weeks since I purchased my new running buddy- Mizuno running shoes.
Yesterday's practice run didn't earn me my much needed mileage. Since I switched to my new shoes I have been feeling certain pain on my lower leg, is it the so called shin splint?
I could not figure out what's causing the pain -is it the shoes or my increasing intensity....By the way, since the new shoes I have been running ~ 7-8 K around ADGT (two weeks now or a total of 4 practice run). The designated route for my practice run in Gateway Business Park (GBP)usually start in front of the BDO Bank, then passing Unilever 1st gate, JAE, right turn towards Metrolab where the sudden ascent start, Haeus, Steinel, PEZA, EPSON, Sanyo now Telford, Enomoto, Maxim, right turn to WDC, back to JAE/Unilever and cool down at the BDO front facade then a slow jog arround ADGT perimeter. Someday if I have time I'll check out google earth for the approximate distance....the 7-8K distance is just a deductive approximation. Maybe I can also post the map of GBP my run route.

Yesterday's practice run was fun....I really thought its not gonna happen because it was raining the whole afternoon. There were drizzles at 5:15PM, my running peers' and I decided to go ahead after our nice stretch....we needed it after a heavy lunch-courtesy of farewell blowout for Flor (imagine we ate 3Kg of Calamares- and we were all but 8 person nyahahaha).

Running with peers' really cool. There was macho (dave) on the leading pace, eric, al and myself. We started infront of BDO, Wilkins, Unilever, JAE, Metrolab, then we felt that its really gonna rain so we decided a right turn passing Wilkins back to BDO then ADGT SRC. That was a whooping 10 minutes for 1.5K, that is approximately 6:46 pace.

After the run we headed back to the gym, I really felt the run wasn't enough...I needed mileage....I was muteering my prayers....asking God to help me with the weather....I have to commune with the earth by running. After 2 sets of abs crunching I ask my peers if still willing to have a practice run outside- seems the rain ebbed away...they gladly agreed. Well who wouldn't, It's like our "Takbo para kay Flor" that didn't materialize few weeks back. So everyone is just game about the idea. Hmmmm besides Al is with us.

We took the ADGT SRC gate as the starting point, then ADGT front, WDC, turn left to Maxim, turn left again to EPSON then we were suppose to turn left back to SRC but the guys decided to proceed with the Metrolab direction, JAE then back to SRC....approximately that is 2.5K....we totalled approximately 4K practice run vs my 8-10K target. Well that's good enough than not running at all. We lost track of the time- we didn't know how well we did it or what is our pace. But we ended fine. I did some leg work out, leg curl, leg extension, ham string extension etc. for my cool down...and some silly discussion with the usual crowd of ADGT SRC work out ended by 18:45H. It was great! My total time investment, 1 hr & 45 min- enough to suck out all my stress.

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