Friday, April 25, 2008

Running Blog#1

Why do I run thee?
(Adapting the fave romantic line "why do I love thee?", translating this poem is like saying "why do I run you"....yah...why do i run over pavement, grass, asphalt etc etc....)

Let me count the ways.

When I run- I feel free.
Freedom from stress, freedom from everyday cares.

When I run- I feel like I am a child again...carefree.
Happy, strong and healthy.

When I run I can see everything with awe....
I thank God I am part of His universe.
I can see the beauty of His hands painted in every hue.

I can run as much and gasp for air till the next uphill.
When I run- I feel the burning desire, anger ebbs away.....


Today was a revelation.I ran another 6km jog-run phase. It was exhilirating, I have beaten my previous record.
While running the trail of JAE I can smell the aroma of the grass. It was very refreshing for my soul. For the past 2 days we were disturbed by the storm that hit the northern part of luzon. The environment today was very clean, as if nature took its bathe denouncing all that is unnecessary.

I looked up the sky- it was a blue horizon, clear and sunny. The birds were chirping flying across the electric lines. I feel so happy, God allowed me to see this wonderful scene. The simplicity of this moment feeds my soul. I felt close to nature, felt close to God.
As I run, striding through the uphill road to PEZA, I continue to pray saying my grace to the Almighty. In between my course, my mind is playing on a scene - visualizing my sin, seeing the things I need to improve upon myself, and feeling grateful for all the good things that happened to me. I try to run fast- God gave me speed....there were no lumps in my throat, which I usually had in the past as I approached the SANYO plant that houses Telford. God has given me more strength today.

I thank God, I realized how much He loved me.
I looked back I realized that there were many chance that the devil had the opportunity to snatch my soul- yet God stand in the way, He didn't let me go astray. Then it dawned upon me- God have never lost touch of me. In the many facets of life- God has been the center of my life be it at work, finance, fitness, friendship,and family life. I just knew He provides everything just as He gave me safety today. I continued to run and had before me a vision of how I became conscious of the decision to offer everything to God. I was reminded that it was a pact, it happened when He had given me my heart's desire, my children were the manifestation of His love for me.
I will forever be grateful for the Lord has asked me to be the caregiver of these children. Their names are my dedication and description of my faith to Him. I have surrender myself completely when I had TJ as if it was not enough He blessed me his two angels- the just one and the gift. I can feel the earth before my feet- I realized running is some kind of penance. It is my way of appreciating the body that the Lord has given me. Allowing to function every muscle, vein, and nerve. I am awed by the strength that I have gained since I started running. Now I had a much better appreciation of how powerful my creator my mind I have composed the most beautiful poem.....just as I jot down this feelings I couldn't remember much of my prayer details.But my mind aches for the pleasantness of sleep, I gazed unto the bed how comforting is it to lay down and havea my much needed sleep after a long day.
I guess those prayers won't get written....I know God knows i'll utter a much better prayer everytime I run. He will continue to bless me with good weather, so I can commune with Him.
I say my final prayer today. Thank you my Lord for this revelation, You have revealed to me a wonderful insight. Thank you. Amen!


P.S. The content of this blog was originally written last Apr 2008, the write again additional thoughts May 2008. For some reason I wasn't able to hit the publish button.
By the way, the photo was taken Oct 2008- told you the "publish post" button was hit only recently. :-)

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