Monday, August 15, 2011

Running Blog #60

I used to write about my training run.
Usually after I ran...I would write about it. It's like sending a letter to a friend and letting her know about what went through.
My last running blog pertaining to training was more than a year ago.
Somehow, after experiencing full marathon I got jaded. Blogging about my training lost appeal.
But today is different. i ran alone, without music and without pain....wohooo the best day of my life.
Also, today's training was filled with so many thoughts in the span of 1 hour and 21 minutes that took only a short distance of 10 km.

What goes through my mind needs some rewinding as I type on the keyboard :-)
Finally, I am able to stretch beyond 8K. I know I did it because I can feel His presence. It's like He was there...listening maybe mocking at me and my childish acts.

  1. I thanked God because finally the last two Sunday service I saw the fulfillment of my heart. I finally saw my husband find it in his heart the presence of the Holy Spirit. My husband is not your typical catholic. I would like to think he go to church to fulfill a family activity and keep the relationship cemented. I have been praying for this since we got married....and finally I saw it in his eyes. I won't bring it up....maybe when he visits again this blog. My husband is a man of few words, the way he thinks remains a mystery. But I know as I stood up there and saw him finally recognizing what I was trying to tell him was a tremendous experience. Experiencing God in one's life is more than just an's always wonderful for the soul. 
  2. Another mystery of today's training is the drizzles stopped when I started running. I even forego my music because I thought it's gonna be a heavy rain....I remember, three years ago I would bet on the rain, it always stops on my training hour.
  3. I was also reflecting about what kind of parent I am to my children.The times have been changing.... I want to impart to them a strong value that would not rocked on moments of despair. Is sending them to catholic school the right way? I guess I prefer the old school. I have never pampered my kids that much compared to this generation. They have no facebook account, they do not play PSP- I hand it to them to use the movie feature and allow them watch their favorite cartoon....this happens occasionally when we are on the car, they don't have cellphone. I believe these things comes with age and responsibility. I will eventually allow them at the right time. My kids activity is limited to running, swimming, singing, playing with traditional toys and studying. I want them to experience what kids are missing today. The other day, I was demonstrating to them how we were playing "chinese garter"....I still can do it, the highest point in my earlobes while standing upright. When I crossed the chinese garter my kids were totally amazed. They didn't see other kids playing it at school or even in our village. And while demonstrating it, I realized the reason why we have no obese playmates then. Because, the game is really ab then were skinny, lean some muscled specially those who worked on the farm. Kids today have all the luxury around them....I fear that someday, they will be too fragile to adopt to the ever changing world.
  4. Ironman 70.3 Philippines....imagine I even dreamed of it this early morning that I was one of the spectator. Yesterday, as I was looking at the results, I can't believe the human strength can do. Pete Jacobs grabbed the title. I really admire those who braved it guys/gals are such a tremendous inspiration to mere mortal like me. 
  5. In two weeks, my pain is endometriosis have zero-in my cholesterol and thyroid. I resist taking medication....doctors insist I give another try. So last week I started on again with another medication. Hopefully, with lesser I feel like everyday I am on a roller coaster ride. Need to document again my food intake, my sleeping patterns and my mood swing...oh yes! even when I'm mad....I have to recognize if it's the hormone that's flaring up. As time passed, I realized that perhaps He was again sending me another mission or learning in this experience....perhaps, I've been too tied up on the process of curing that I forgot mercy and grace.
As I drifted in my thoughts, I realized I cannot run has to follow the prescribed increased mileage. I cannot go beyond 85% of my heart rate....I too I am fragile.

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  1. Pareho tayo. After TBR marathon, laylo na sa blogging and running.

    You're blessed to have a husband who willingly go with you to church and finds joy in the process. This is something I never experienced when I was still living with the father of my children.

    Kung magsalita ka, parang magkaedad lang tayo, eh ang laki ng tanda ko sa 'yo! I'm surprised that children still play in Your generation. Nakadanas ka din palang maglaro sa labas. Numero unong palalaro ako with our neighbors. Yes, iba na ang mga bata ngayon. Kaya it's about time na mag-iba na rin tayong mga magulang hehe...

    About your illness, may I talk with you? Pls call me at 703-6118 or text at 0928-5220565 when you're free.

    Will continue praying for you, Joy.