Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reebok Zigtech Run

Hello there!
I have been in hibernation for quite sometime....
Uh-oh! it seems I completely forgot about blogging.....until two weeks ago, I received an invite for the upcoming race Reebok Zigtech Run.
So come monday night I zigzagged my way to The Fort for the (drumroll pls)....the bloggers night.
Honestly, I was overwhelmed to have met these fellow runner/blogger upclose! I used to seeing them on the road....or reading through their blog.

Thanks to Titanium Runner's invitation,  because  I got this chance to learn about the cool race that Reebok is launching. Gee, haven't been racing lately....due to my previous injury (though I was already cleared a month ago). I guess I am now ready to it was indeed timely.

The race date is on the 5th of June, it's a day before my this is kinda special for me. Plus this race is one of its kind because I have to scale the 15km distance with a vertical run on the ramp of the 5-level parking of CVC Law Center. So come on run with me....let's try what it's like doing a vertical run!

The bloggers' night was capped off by the raffle of one pair Zigtech shoes that Reebok has launched in the Philippines. You know what? I was lucky to have it.
Thank you Reebok Phils for the nice treat.....I consider this an early birthday gift.
I can't wait to try it on my feet :-)

Ciao! See you on the road.

With gorgeous  Vicky Ras
Bro J  and wife Baby

with the Running Atom and our host

TR & Sam


  1. Hi Ms. Joy, congratulations gid sa imong bag-o na ZigTech Reebok shoes. :)

    Pa-share naman po ng photo natin sa email ko (gmail): runningatom710

    See you again soon ate Joy :)

  2. Hi Running atom. Iyo atchan i email ko saimo. Banggi na ha ta mayo si pix igdi sa ofc pc ko :D.
    See you soon!

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