Friday, April 30, 2010

A long run and a quick shoot!

April 25, 2010- Mizuno, Tagaytay Highland's fun run challenge. My lone race schedule for April. Yeah, I had a long vacation from running because of my allergy cough! sigh! and as of this writing I am still suffering from this cough that wanted to embed in my identity grrrr and it stuck with me for a month.
In fact, I wonder how it will affect my TBR dream marathon performance. But I swear, I will join the bull session's long run- with or without cough hehehe.

I was so excited with the Highland's race for several reasons and here are some:
1. It's less than 2-hr drive from home. We leave home by 4:30 AM- and were still early...did some photo shoot.

2. It's Tagaytay highlands- home of the rich and exclusive subdivision, opened to the runners for hmmm viewing. Plus! it's my first time to get inside this exclusive village.

3. It's a combination of road and trail run. 5K Road & 5K trail....hmmmm some peeps who didn't make it to TNF 100- Baguio like me opted to run this race- it's much easier hehehe. Actually I saw some runners who according to them also run the greenfields race.

4. I was thinking am gonna complete the race by 1 hr and 30 minutes- suits my scheduled 90 minutes long run training (benchmark from the TNF Nuvali 11K).
But it turns out- finish time is 1:07, somehow I cheated from my training because I lack 23 minutes. Don't think I run fast- the race course was much easier compared to TNF Nuvali and shorter by 700m based from my Garmin total distance is 9.3K. In other words, I am slow of my typical 10K pace, the trail dirt and dust affected me so much....actually I almost DNF this race because I have difficulty breathing at km 8. Yah, I guees the good doctor is right running a trail run- dusty condition is bad for my allergy cough. But the stubborn me reigned- I was just thinking that definitely this race should not be a DNF race....what happened to my 21K experience waaaaah! and it kept me goin' before I knew it we were back on the road. Good thing hubby didn't leave me behind, he paced with me all throughout the finishline.

5. A lot of colleagues are running this race....imagine goin' to the race-with relax atmosphere because a lot of familiar faces are there (hmmmm some of them may not admit it...but they give in  by my constant invitation and nudging to try running).

6. The registration fee includes breakfast....hmmmm excited to have a healthy breakfast post run- and they did provide a good one.

7. The chance of winning priced mizuno hot items- my favorite brand hehehe because it was an intimate race with limited number of participants. Unfortunately, I didn't get any- but I am happy to report that the major prize went to one of my colleague including a lot of minor prizes- I would say maybe 50% of the raffle items were bagged by colleague. Of course, I am happy about it. An additional motivation to keep them running.

8. Tagaytay is a great place to study landscape photograpy....and I guess I took some lessons and let's see if it fits! Life is good- I got a race and a shoot!

Overall- the race was great! If there is another edition next year- count me in!
I just hope that in the future they incorporate longer distance say 21K, I think the road from highlands to midlands is an opportunity to a better route of hills.

Congratulations to Mizuno, Belle corporation and Tagaytay highlands- the race was a success!

Some of my running pix:

Some of my practice shot- landscape

Superb lunch- post Highlands....still on my quick practice shoot!

The flowers of Tagaytay...grabbed a few seconds for a snapshot before finally going home. What a great day.

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