Sunday, May 2, 2010

LSD- Running beyond Half Mary

I always wanted to run a full marathon....but its daunting.

When I first ran the half mary- I was somehow prepared....and I know preparation is the key to finish a full marathon or perhaps any distance.

Last February to early March- I know I was in top shape, my fitness level is more than average. I was able to run half marathon every other week without pain and surprisingly breaking PRs every time.

Then came end of March- an unpleasant allergy cough bugged me....believe me, as of this writing it is still haunting me. I felt like a dog, barking out loud at an unpredictable intervals. Whoa! the cough reflex won't turned off. Luckily, during my runs I rarely cough...except on dusty or smoky condition like my trail run at Highlands the other week (maybe the culprit why even if I have medication it didn't go away).
I was just so lucky that despite being undertrained for a full marathon, I have a chance to finish the distance.

Going back last Feb, my dream to become a marathoner was ignited when Jaymie aka the Bull Runner announced that she is organizing a marathon race for beginner like me dubbed as The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.
At first I contemplated so hard....I questioned myself if its time to do it. But it seems that the answer came late...because by time I decided to join, the 200 slots were sold out!
That is how credible Jaymie is in the running community. Everyone believes in her running prowess, everyone wanted to trust their first time experience to her ability-being a marathoner herself she knows what the newbie needs.
So I thought my dream is over- but God heard my pleas, I was able to grab one when Jaymie opened another 100 slots- I was probably the 60th person enlisted.
Back then , I was hoping a marathon finish of sub-5....perhaps now this is just a dream. I am the type of recreational athlete that sometimes lose focus.  I'm no good example. My priorities juggles, family and other urgent matters blocks my schedule and ugh! the nagging allergy. But the time is gone- I lost a month of training time (it could have helped me meet my target goal). Perhaps the sub-5 will be someday....some other marathon. During this morning long run....I was telling my pacer- I hope to run at least 33 marathons in my lifetime LOL! I dunno if I was kidding- it just came out of my mouth, when I was feelin exhausted. Yes, that is how much I love running. I rarely complaint. Usually when I can't run.

I was just so blessed that Jaymie have been true to her words to guide us every step of the way.
That is why even if I'm undertrained- I have the confidence that I can finish this ordeal....perhaps a slow finish time is a good way to benchmark for succeeding marathons.

Today's long run was ardous task.... The heat is terrible after 8AM, I have toasted skin but no signs of dehydration- thanks to Jaymie for providing ample supply of water for each station even if its just a practice run. In fact we have gatorade and marshalls vehicle and was like a race minus the bib and start and finishline. With all these help, I manage to run on the specified time but was not able to complete the 28K, I am short of 3K.  I don't know if it's a good sign....perhaps! Finish time don't matter now.
I have the joy knowing that I am going to conquer the 42.195K challenge.
Again kudos to Jaymie - the Bull Runner, 19 days to race and you have amazed all the participants of the extra mile to pamper us.
Patiently running- trying to wait for the resting time LOL!
I was telling hubby that mountain reminds me of our trail run the other week.
Run to infinity- that's how long distance run felt like to me....savoring every step of the way.
my pacer, patiently assisting me every step of the way- I'll train better so I can keep up with you!


  1. Hi Joy, we saw you and you were running strong. The heat was just terrible. I'm sure you'll hack the full come May 22. Have a great run! - Mariel :)

  2. Did the 14K LSD route twice plus additional loops around the lake to complete 32K in 3:47… But the remaining 10K still to be conquered many say is the real marathon! Cheers and good luck!

  3. @Mariel- Thanks for the words of encouragement. Your such an inspiration. Congrats for doin' 30K.
    @TSR - wow! ur such a competitive marathoner. With that strong finish time you'll definitely make a great PR.

    See you soon!

  4. you have a very nice blog. im sure you will do great in your marathon regards - patrick concepcion / runningshield

  5. Hi Sir Patrick,
    Wow! Thanks for visiting my site. You are one of those great runners in the Phils that I look up to. Hope to see you in one of the races.

  6. Congratulations on your wonderful marathon finish. your dreams have all come true. The norm does not understand why we cry when we finish a marathon. Again congratulations. regards