Saturday, April 3, 2010

Photo Blog #17: Sun, Mountain, Sea, Cavite- our home province

Years back I have only known the province of Cavite as heavily traffic jammed province.
In fact I am not surprised when the Aguinaldo hi-way is labeled as the killer hi-way.
Maybe accidents happen because it's narrow and always packed with speeding vehicle.
But living here for almost 12 years- which is equivalent to my years of being married to a wonderful guy....I started to love the place.
Yes, I love being an adopted's like our province in CamSur.
During the summer- you can enjoy the mountain, the sea, the rivers.....oh! I just have to get to know this province....get lost to its beauty and locales. Here's a trivia- almost all the sitios, municipality and baranggays have paved, cemented road. The roads are networked- awaiting to be discovered....I am amazed at how easy it is to navigate in and out of this province.

So for the holiday my feet itch for some road trip in our very own province.
We nearly lost to Mendez when trying to evade the traffic jammed Tagaytay on our way home from Calaruega....driving the stretch of Mendez hiway to Indang is a little scary- but we managed to come out in one piece. Honestly, I  believe its very safe- and the hi-way under utilized. I think everyone wanted to squeezed in the narrow Aguinaldo hiway. But there is a lot of alternative have to remind yourself that when you are in Cavite.
 Then the next day, armed with instant foodie and floaters, even if I have cough and colds (and slight fever) we trod to Puerto Azul's Paniman beach- whew! my feet itch for a run....rolling terrain of Puerto Azul- it will be a good practice run for my tbr marathon. And I promised myself that on our next trip.
 I just love to do some more-but  I need to control myself or else recovery will be very difficult.

Here are some of the pix no photoshop edits here (so some of the exposure weren't corrected). These are straight from camera uploads.

First stop: Calaruega, maundy thursday

Paniman-Puerto Azul -Basking in the sun! Its good friday!
Paniman beach is now managed by Fridays Boracay.
Hmmm I guess they are still in transition period. You have to bring food and drinks-they have no kitchen to serve food for guest. They allow bringing of cooking paraphernalia. For overnights, one must bring a tent-because there are no rooms to lodge.

Staff are friendly and accomodating.
The CR-is not so comforting.
Entrance fee is 300 per head and the cottage fee is arleady included.
The  best of all- it is just a one and a half hour drive from home.

P.S. All shots in 50 mm, 1.4


  1. Looks like to had lots of fun! Just don't forget your 2.5 hr LSD this weekend, TBR DM classmate :-)

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Hope I went with our Cavite ed tour before.. More power!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. Keep on posting.