Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attending a wake

The most difficult part of attending a wake is observing the grieving family. How can a person that used to be strong, feared, loved is now so near yet lifeless. Death is inevitable it's one event in a person's life that one cannot suspend.

Who can predict the end of life's journey? No one.
That is why it is important experience the best life has to offer. The man have so much plan but it is the Almighty that paves the way.

Sometimes I can't help thinking- why did I outlive this person. Why do I stay alive- why did God choose me stay alive.

Everytime I learned someone die- I feel so mortal. I feel like life is like a snapshot, how is it like to feel the end. Is living a life a lucky thing? Or dying and not knowing what its like in the future a much better option?

I dunno I am so morbid maybe. My mind ravels on the strength of the person that died. A very amusing person who worked so hard and achieved a great deal of financial stability to alleviate his family from the average lifestyle.

How can his life be taken away at an instant.

At this time of my life- I have felt the true meaning of the saying "Life is short."

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