Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pikermi on Sunday!

Hi There! It's been sometime that I haven't done my blogpost.
And this campaign is quite delayed already, given that my first Pikermi for a cause is happening this coming Sunday Jul 29, 2012 during the Manila Milo Marathon elimination.

I am inspired to run the distance and dream again that I still can do it. Even if early this year, I have settled back on simply running the shorter distances (back to my 5KRUNNER brand). I have modest running goal this year because I have difficulty incorporating training in my life. To train, I steal time....and you have no idea how I do it.
But because of our highschool batch vision to help less fortunate children in CamSur as a way to give back the blessings we have earned.  I decided to sign up for a Pikermi distance. Maybe, it's time to go the distance not for me, but for others. I started circulating below photo as early as June 2012 in facebook.

Everybody is encourage to pledge 1 peso for every kilometer that I cover or a total of 21 pesos, less than half a dollar so we can pool the amount and help less fortunate children of CamSur. I have paid for my registration fee to ensure that all money goes to the "Brighter Future Project". Let us know if your interested to contribute. You can left a comment, or send me an email.

Thank you for your time!

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