Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 DAYS without running and counting.....

I wish I was injured so there are no more pains in my chest as I write this blog (the drama!).
Sigh! I can't run because everything takes on priorities- home repairs/maintenance which took us four long years before doing it again sigh!, children school starts at 7 AM and everybody gets to sleep at 8 PM sharp!

I could actually run 3 AM- I can wake up at this time of the day....but there's no running area available before 4 AM (I am referring to island cove- the nearest available running route for me)....the housing is filled with stray dogs.....very unsafe to run here tsk!tsk!tsk! I tried it once and went back home- as I was not ready to do speed run ;-(

I felt very unfortunate.....when everybody was doin' their workout.
I am here counting on calories with housework....child care and well typing on keyboards.
Luckily, I haven't gain much weight because even if I devour  2 rice on breakfast- I hardly gain weight....but that's not my issue....my mood is starting to swing in various direction.....I felt so isolated. Sometimes, when my head is spinning I try the resistance band....I am hopeless these days (and on my favorite month- aw!!!).
Suddenly, I wonder if I could still meet my personal targets.
Will I ever do Milo??

I am tempted to buy a treadmill....will I run like a rat?
Oh my...excuse me for the treadmill runners (no offense intended)- but I just couldn't stand the 30 minute run on this machine.

I content myself reading the blogs of fellow runner and DM friends during noon breaks....great run folks!

Oh! I miss the road.

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