Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Blog #16: Running pix

This is the first time that I am blogging about pix that isn't mine or my husband's shots.
I feel the need to express my admiration to these sports photographer who have been positioning themselves along the race tracks to get a good action shot of the runners.

Since photovendo started- they have been improving their craft.
See your photos here from the recent race courtesy of photovendo.

Thank you photovendo for taking a snapshot of one of the most memorable event in my life. My run!

So here are my favorite shots.
p.s. not necessarily mean that its my favorite shot because i look good....i like it because of the quality of the shots.

The SUPERBODS RUN- Feb 21, 2010

I like this shot because of the side light, sharp and the blur effect behind me.
It gives me depth and it appears I am fast hahaha.

This photo looks great because of the rimlight, look at the lady behind me we share the same rim light....and this time i have my eyes open hehehe.

Hahaha yes am wearing the same outfit....since TNF Nuvali I have been wearing the same tops and bottoms....I would say this is the most comfortable outfit that I have. Though the tights cause some chaffing on my belly (grrr even if I have put on body glide).

I like this shot because of the color- the black is real means good exposure and the blurring effect behind me...I wonder about the Fstop settings used.

I love this shot because hubby looks cute hehehe- he's expression reminds me of my son.

I like this shot because perhaps this was taken using a high power lens...maybe? And I like the timing.

I love this shot because it appears that I outrun these macho men hehehe only in pix...hahaha

This shot when I crossed the finishline- is a picture of relief with fluorescent effect bluish on the background...complements the shoes and oh! I discovered am a heelstriker....ouch!

What about you? What event got your favorite photo shoot? Check it out here

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