Sunday, October 11, 2009

Running Blog #53 Rescue Run

Last Saturday we treat the kids to the rescue run.

They know that the run was intended to help the kids affected by the flood of typhoon Ondoy (of course that is how we told them so they can relate).

It was a lot of fun....unlike the looney tunes run- this time Matti and I were the last to hit the finish line.
We got the chance to meet with the bull runner- but failed to had photo ops- because the kids were too tired after the run and we were in a hurry to squeezed their monthly check up with the pulmo doctor Nep.
P.S. All photos courtesy of my dilapilated K610i.

Thanks to the 3K marshall for taking this shot- sorry I forgot to ask her name.


  1. What a treat! You get to run for a noble cause while enjoying the company of every member in the family. I'm very happy for you, Joy.

  2. Thanks Nora!
    You take care and hope to see you on the upcoming race.