Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo blog #21: Journey to 14 days of fitness

Last christmas vacay before leaving home, I weighed myself and I was at a tip of 52 kgs. That information sounds nice, I am looking forward to maintain it,  besides we planned to stay only for  6 days in our hometown as my man is about to beat some yearender deadline.

When we came back....after much fuss of unpacking, I weighed myself again only to find out I gained not 1 but 4 kg. Waah! I was whooping 56 kg by Dec 26, that was a Thursday. Ouch! And I can't even run till Saturday. Aside from the fact that I don't have a nanny...I got pestering blisters on my feet, courtesy of kindred allergy. 

Come saturday I was itching to I decided to go on a fitness journey. I dared myself do fitness activity everyday in the hope to slash back those extra pounds from the holiday. This blog entry is dedicated  to my journey to14 days of fitness.

I documented that 10 days challenge to fitness through instagram with a hashtag #dayXchallenge (where X indicates the day progress).

My photo ops lasted 11 days but total work out days from Dec 29 is 14 days.

And on January 12- I did only 2 kms at stationary bike. I think it would be indecent to count it in my instagram photo-ops considering it was actually my first official break.

I weighed myself again Jan 13, tipped at 53 kgs.
And couldn't lose would be unsafe for my upcoming marathon race.

Now, I conclude 3 kgs is worth about 14 days of workout, sweat and mental challenge. I could quit anytime but I kept telling myself do it at least more than 10 days. Lol! crazy. I can't help it...I love being mobile!
Dec 29, I did 5 miles; Dec 30- 20 mi, race (photo ops with BR); Dec 31- 2.9 mi; Jan 1- stationary bike 6 mi

Still sleepy....but mounted on the stationary bike. This is my 4th day

My 5th day. Interval training thx to Runkeeper

My 6th day- lunch run at work

Resistance band training at home and stationary bike

My 8th day- strength almost waning.

Sample of entry in IG #dayXchallenge

Back to RUNch...while everyone enjoy lunch, I try to be positive with the sun.

And more sun...

Because am having a lunch meeting...a quick run in the morning

Back to lunch running

Stationary bike...

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