Saturday, May 12, 2012

A 750words short entry

At lunch time today, I leave my desk calmly and quietly. I went again to the gym. I have already developed a warm relationship with this gym. Our relationship have gone from ecstasy to soberly sour (when I don't visit the place). There's a lot of fond memories the gym is holding. A lot of people visit here. But I think there were only the three of us. The three of us who made a pact to the gym to regularly visit at lunch time. The rest of the general population will be here after office. Some will pay visit early morning before work start but then very few will consider lunch.  Well, sorry but we did not make a pact on each other, if in case my word brings confusion. You know, we rarely talk. We just exchange pleasantries but we are not qualified to be called friends. Our luncheon repertoire with the gym is the only common thing among us. That's why it seemed we made a pact to make it a habit. There were probably three thousand employees. But only three people could barely spare  the time to visit the gym regularly at lunch. And I am one of those three person. I won't name them here. Because, as I have mentioned we were colleagues and we don't qualify as friends. Exchanging pleasantries is enough. We all are focused in our individual task at hand. And for that, I guess we deserved admiration. Bow!

So when I hopped on the treadmill. I know the gym is mine for the taking. It's mine alone for now.  It's friday today. And everybody perhaps opted to lunch outside the company premise. Payday yesterday so it make sense that I am the only soul who would stumble upon the lure of a Friday workout.

And as usual I put the banana, egg and bottled water in the bottle holder compartment of the treadmill console. I set  up my run to the goal of 30 minutes and have been adjusting my speed from one to seven. After which I started running and have been adjusting to small increments until I reached the speed of ten kilometer per hour. I was having fun with the speed I intend to go higher. Only to realized that my iPhone fell on the treadmill belt due to some of my jerky movements and I before I knew it I have already stepped on it. The phone jerked and thrown off to the floor. I have to stop my run. I need to check if I cracked the phone. I feel bad. It seems I'm out of luck with this phone model. I remember when I lost the previous iPhone, and I lost it without me being conscious about when and how it happened. I was dismayed by the turn of events. When I picked it up I try to calm myself. I opened the pouch and God thank you. It was not harmed. Not even a scratched. I plugged again my head phone and listen to the same crisp music of Adele and that's it. I was relieved that finally. Nothing to worry. I went back on the treadmill and set a new goal of twenty six minutes. Yes, I have to accumulate with the previous attempts. My mind have been whirling with various thoughts. It's weekend tomorrow. Mother's day on not very ceremonial so I really don't think it's necessary to celebrate.
The speed of ten kilometer per hour seemed not doable. But I like today's run. Because, there's a nice air coming from the air-conditioner. I need not stop again to enable it.  And besides I am wearing my cushioning shoes. My blister doesn't hurt. It pays that I have put on some body glide on it. I am pain-free while running. And this is just what I wanted. The glare is terrible so I have to look slightly below instead of the horizon...which is more favorable to me. And my eyes wanders on the green, the grass, the tree, oh! there's a janitor who opted to trim the grass on the shades. Yes, I am all too aware of the situation. I am getting faster....and then my gaze fixed on the banana and egg. And my banana rama yesterday is repeated again on the last eight minutes of my run. Jesus! How can my mind betray me this much. But of course, there will be tug of war, how can discipline let it slipped away. So I continue to run, and reduced my speed on the last four minutes. I was already panting....and there's a perceived side stitch. I tried to massage it but it seems it's not a side stitch but rather a sore muscle from yesterday. So I give in at the last two minutes I brisk walk. That's the way to go to cool down. And when I reached the invisible finished line it feels great....the same relief and excitement brought by a marathon finish. The difference is, right now I am fully aware that this is such a short run. The weather is the factor that reminds me of the feeling.  I mesmerized it and been longing...then there was my banana.

I walked out of the door headed to the changing area. I know my lunch is much better today. Because I have sineguelas or Spanish plum and sandwiches. I still have hard boiled egg. I cannot eat it at the gym. The banana makes me feel full already.

I marched out of the recreational center five minutes late. I dreaded to be late back at work, but apart of me  knows I deserved it. Perhaps my next fitness session should not corrupt certain amount of time from my work. I don't want to be late again.

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