Sunday, February 5, 2012

Running Blog #61: 2012 Race and Training or vice versa

I have no company as of this writing....that's why for the longest period of I am blogging.
          "Kiddos and hubby went out to watch the sound of music musicale, a production from their school."

So I better blog fast because before I knew it they're probably home and there's not much time left.

Funny, running blog #61- seems like it's my 61st run....well, I used to blog about my training and races because I express better in this blog. Talking about running to non-running people is kinda difficult. So I ended up blogging about it.

Things have changed....this year on December will marked my 5th year as a runner or jogger as other preferred to be called. I have evolved into a snail runner. I don't regret failing to train, not getting to the starting line and sometimes well I admit it not training at all.
There are a lot of things to do. I thought when the kids started going to school, I'll have my free time. I'll get better training times, I'll get good PRs.
Sigh, but I was wrong....totally wrong. Because as they grew up, list of things to do just pile up.
Plus they have their own interest to pursue.
My little lady is into singing and my little handsome young man is into swimming and sometimes acting.
These children are so precious that I world revolves around them. Good thing I still have a job on the side.
But even if I'm working, they're still there at the back of my mind.....just like my old computer. where a program is working while's just behind the active stuff.

Did I say that this is running blog #61?
Oh yeah! So the good news is...even if me is too busy with juggling a day time job as salary person and mothering...I still get my steals...yes (drum roll please!)I steal training time.
I was able to decipher patterns when the kids would likely to have a quiz or assignments.
And when they do have assignments or quizzes....I steal a heard it right. I run during lunch time. And I don't care if I'm a sweaty smellin' mammal after that. But I need to snatch that 30 minutes running time at the treadmill or outside.
Well there are days that I don't run lunch...but do pre-dinner run lol! When the kids can manage their assignment which I try to convince over the phone, me & hubby get to a pre-dinner run.
And on weekends when we don't get to wake up early....we run just anytime of the day.

The results are pretty much okay...we were not able to gun any PR. But were able to sustain a long run.
This year our first race for the year is the 16km Timex run (oh! with the so papable Piolo!) and today I am blessed with a pretty strong finish for the 21K with condura skyway marathon.
   Plus, not so running related,  I am out with my maintenance medication. The doctor agreed to take out some.
   Life is just have to whine sometimes and later, think about how to resolve a problem...just like any math problems lol! There's always a solution.

Isn't it great! I am often running....literally running for everything the kids schedule, family thing, oh domestic work is just amplified with so much details that it's comparable to running a business. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

I can't have a nice well planned training but get to squeezed in some action in my boring life.
Now I know why some people don't get married and doesn't want a child.....because it's a never ending responsibility. iPity them....iPity myself sometimes.
But the truth is my children and my husband are what matters most in my life.
They are so precious that I try to make myself a better me.
We all do have options, try to look at it in a different perspective (it happens too with photography hahaha composition 101).

I realized I missed blogging....maybe I should steal some blogging time too.

This year's race pix
Hubby's souvenir pose during Timex Run, we were in a  hurry to go home

My souvenir pix with Time Run
Rovilson & Hubby-we were behind him at the 21k redemption booth for the medals
The medal for 21k runners

Photo ops with Rovilson- I was a little shy to ask him lol!

Hubby's doodle on the condura's mangrove wall (something we didn't do last year) 
Post script: (Quite a length I know!)
Well, suddenly I remember last year condura marathon. I did 42Km. I did it even if I have a fever, I ended up lethargic and injured with ITBS. Two weeks before the race I had flu, I cannot forego a marathon. The rest is history. For some reason, that story stayed in my draft box for more than a year now lol!

Here are some of my condura run last 2011. Photos I grabbed from

Today's race was great. I salute the Concepcion brothers for making this race possible.
But I missed booth- since 2010 (my first taste of skyway run), they have a booth at Buendia before runners get to skyway (both 21k & 42k runners passes in this station). I don't know if they still have the support booth for 42k runners. It's just that I missed them. It's different passing that get a dose of motivation, banana, water and electorlytes and even free spray of efficascent oil lol! for those cramps.

Change is just probably inevitable. Congratulations to all the finishers and see you on the road!


  1. Joy, I'm so happy after reading this. If I remember right, last year tayo huling nagkita sa Condura. You were doing 42k, half lang ako. Was that your 2nd or 3rd or 4th already?

    I wasn't able to join this year's Condura. So many duties to fulfill, sometimes I just wish I have a loving husband who would help me lessen the burden I'm carrying.

    Will continue praying for your complete healing Joy. Someday, you won't be needing any of your medications anymore.

    God bless you and your family always.

    1. Hi Nora,
      That was my 3rd full mary :-)
      Yes I can imagine your responsibility which I bet is done with grace and love. You always inspire me with your stories.

      Thanks for your prayers....and I do too during my runs. I realized, I pray better when I run than when I'm inside the church (because there is just too much distraction like the kids).

      Every day is a great way to discover something. I learned to embrace my illness and rather than whine or fight something to resolve it.

      I am glad to have you as one of my praying warrior.

      Much love from here and God bless,