Friday, February 22, 2008

Continuous improvement as a way of life!

As a quality engineer- I am an advocate of continuous improvement. I have been working now for 11 years and this has been my credo at work.

Lately, I realize this same credo is applicable in my personal life- including fitness, the mindset for continuous improvement is very important.

For the past year - everyone is just telling me how much I have gained weight, its unbearable to hear constant question if I am pregnant- because I have fatty belly. I know I am not obese and its not supposed to be a problem because my BMI is still within the normal range. But I realized that the bulk of my fat goes to my tummy and that makes me look like I am pregnant. Aside from the fact that I have already 2 kids- well I'd like to think that some of this fats are post pregnancy.

Whew! and honestly its quite difficult finding the right clothes in my closet. Every morning its a battle of finding the right clothes and being on time to our shuttle bus. Getting dressed for work is just time consuming. I have to fit everything and see myself in the mirror and wonder "I really look like 3 months pregnant!". This repetitive chaos- made me realize getting big isn't really advantageous. Then on my 30th birthday, something hit me- I decided to apply my working credo in my personal life. I realize I have to improve myself, I know its not a big deal because I am not obese- but getting off the fatty stuff off my tummy would surely improve my self-esteem. In my mind, people will stop asking if I am pregnant.

I tried going to gym, I read a book about yoga and I started to select real healthy food.

The first four months pave no significant impact. But I know I was underway to losing weight and celebrate.

Well I guess I was right about it - after 7 months I lost 10 pounds. I feel great, my size used to be large now I am on the medium size fit. I feel happy about it.

So now I'm on my way to shed off 10 pounds more- to allow me do the full headstand. I guess I can only claim myself as yogic once I am able to perform headstand.


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